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About the course

Speaking in English is not simply writing spoken out loud. Speaking and writing in English are very different skills that use a completely different set of rules. If you want to increase your ability to speak clear American English or are looking for English speaking classes, English pronunciation, English conversation, American accent training or accent modification, this course is for you. Access 24hr English anytime to practice speaking clear American English confidently. Quickly assess, train, and practice as needed until it is easier to be understood.

24/7 English Course

Step-by-step course with anytime access taught by foremost expert American native English speaker ESL instructors, using the most effective pronunciation and accent reduction curriculum in the world.

All Materials Included

All materials are included in each lesson and are yours to access: videos, computer interactive learning, handouts, exercises, downloads, worksheets, quizzes, homework, etc. Access all classes and materials anytime that’s best for you 24 hours/day.


Members are connected to over 30,000 native English speakers who are learning other languages worldwide for language exchange practice at no additional cost. For Example: "I'll help you practice my language for 30 minutes if you help me practice my English for 30 minutes."

Practice Any Time

It's not just about practicing, it's knowing what to practice. Our course includes 24 hour access to all training materials: including American English sounds, and many additional resources to help supplement classes so you can practice in your spare time.

Speaking Assessments

Personal speaking assessments are available to improve your pronunciation by submitting audio track & text to our expert native English speaker instructors for feedback and correction. Single sentence or up to ten individual words: $10 USD/submission.

Private Lessons

Private lessons and conversation practice with the course instructor is available by phone or live video chat for personalized instruction and one-to-one feedback. Scheduled in advance: $100 USD/each 1 hour session.

Join over 10,500 happy students.

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English Learners From Around The World

About the course

This course is for English learners who know basic grammar and written English, but want to speak English like it is spoken in the US and Canada. Most students can achieve a level of English that is difficult to distinguish from a native speaker's. This course is the most effective and affordable training program specifically for ESL American English Pronunciation in the world. English pronunciation and accent modification are skills you can learn in your spare time. Our personalized classes quickly teach you how to speak clearly with fluency and self-confidence coming from any other language so native speakers can understand you.

$39 USD/Access For 100 Days

Access the most effective and only affordable American English pronunciation & accent reduction course anytime 24/7 for 100 days for just $39 USD, all materials included. Learn at your own speed. Take all classes in order, or take any class more than once. Study and practice as often as you like.

This program is delivered in self-paced format, with optional personal text/audio feedback and private lessons that allow you to interact with the instructor to ask questions and get individual attention.

24 Hr English Course

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Signup and pay only one-time $39 USD registration to get anytime access to the 24hr English course, all lesson materials, and all practice resources for 100 days.

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